Catenary Ovens & Dryers

Flexible, reliable & repeatable performance

We understand the importance of a reliable, flexible oven design for processing coated strip. 

Find out why below.

Catenary Dryers and Catenary Ovens
Catenary Dryers and Catenary Ovens

Flexible design for processing coated strip

A Spooner catenary oven is founded on decades of experience in thermal systems and close collaboration with our customers. With every oven design tailored to the specific line requirements, customers can be assured of the very best in performance, efficiency, reliability and longevity.

Products and applications

Our catenary ovens are used for applications like….

We continually develop our features to ensure they provide the best results – here are some of those features…….. 

Non-contact operation
The nozzle profile is designed to follow the catenary strip shape, ensuring non-contact processing through the oven length.
Nozzle selection
Nozzle design configured for each zone to suit evaporation and curing stages along the oven length, ensuring optimum product quality and heat transfer.
Warehouse with rolls of sheet steel in industrial plant. Hardware manufacturing
Heating mechanism
Direct or indirect heating systems and utilising waste heat where available to optimise overall system efficiency.
cat 2
Independent zones
Independently controlled zones for increased flexibility and improved strip temperature, evaporation rate and LEL control.
Internal walkways for multi-zone systems to allow access for nozzle inspection & cleaning.
Enclosure designed for low heat loss, efficient operation and incorporating internal expansion compensation for long life, low maintenance.
Catenary Dryers and Catenary Ovens
Oven constructed with a fully welded inner skin for leakage & condensation prevention and mechanical strength.
Aluminium sheet flotation
Low maintenance
Oven designed to ensure easy clean, low maintenance operation.

Designed For You

We design all our equipment to our customers’ exact requirements. Whether installing equipment at a new plant or into an existing line we know how to make any space work.

With over 80 years of experience, we are experts in designing, manufacturing, installing and commissioning all over the world.

We work with you to ensure we understand your processes so that we can provide the best tailored solutions.

Typical Technical Specifications

Our Catenary ovens are unique and comes in the specifications. 

Typical Specifications
Typically 300mm to 2000mm but any range can be accommodated
Up to 60m+
Energy source
Gas (direct or indirect), Thermal Oil, Electric, Steam or Recovered energy
Temperature Range
Typically up to 400°C

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