Cleaner air,
lower running costs

For over 80 years Spooner has worked across the process industries helping companies improve their performance. 

With this knowledge, Spooner is able to offer air pollution solutions to successfully eliminate emissions and improve efficiency.

About Spooner Environment

We support companies to achieve their emission requirements in a cost and energy efficient way.

With over 80 years of experience across the process industry, Spooner knows what it takes to maximise performance whilst maintaining energy efficiency.

Using our knowledge and expertise, Spooner provides abatement systems to eliminate volatile organic compounds, hazardous air pollutants and odorous emissions from a wide range of applications.  As metal strip processing and abatement specialists, Spooner can offer integrated oven, abatement and heat recovery solutions across the metal coatings industry, with optimised overall energy efficiency and performance.

Product List

Spooner Environment specialises in fulfilling emissions requirements whilst maximising energy efficiency and optimising performance.

Our product lines include:-

> Thermal & Catalytic Oxidisers
> Regenerative Thermal Oxidisers
> Direct-Fired Thermal Oxidisers
> Thermal Recuperative Oxidisers
> Catalytic Oxidiser
> Rotor Concentrators
> Heat and Energy Recovery Systems
> Solvent Recovery Systems

Find out more about Spooner Environment Division on our dedicated website.

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